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Here's the latest batch of articles on Salesforce-related topics for today.

For everyone

  1. How to Add a Progress Bar to Salesforce Records
    Indicators in Salesforce highlight key data with icons and colors, making it easier for users to focus on important information. Adding a progress bar to records can visually represent task completion, helping users assess progress and prioritize efforts. For example, a progress bar can be added to the Opportunity object to display probability value.

  2. Unleashing Productivity: Master Prompt Templates with Flow Tools
    Prompt Builder was released on February 29 and has since been used by Salesforce Admins for a variety of tasks, such as summarizing records and creating rich emails. It is important to ground prompts in CRM data using merge fields, flows, and Apex classes. However, the current challenge is the number of clicks required to get a GenAI response, especially for Field Generation templates, which could impact adoption and usage.

  3. Using Flow to Reset Password
    Check out a flow with an invocable action allows for resetting passwords for multiple users efficiently.

  4. Moving from Profiles to Permission Sets: 5 Pitfalls to Avoid
    Salesforce users are transitioning to permission-set-driven models following the announcement of profile permissions retirement. Despite helpful tools and planning by Salesforce, some settings like Outlook integrations and dynamic forms may be overlooked during migration, impacting user experience.

  5. Have the Salesforce Authenticator bugs gone?
    The solution to your Salesforce Authenticator issue is here! If not, a Salesforce internal team is ready to help. Many users experience a bug where the popup doesn't show, requiring manual code entry. This issue affects many users, causing annoyance but not enough to seek support.

  6. How You Can Manage Your Workload as a Salesforce Consultant
    The author, a Salesforce Consultant for seven years, emphasizes the importance of time management in consulting. Without effective time management, success is unlikely. Fortunately, time management can be learned like any other skill. The article provides tips and resources for mastering this essential skill in consulting.

  7. How to Dynamically Evaluate Formulas in Salesforce Apex?
    Dynamic Formula Evaluation (DEF) in Salesforce evaluates formula expressions at runtime based on the context, increasing flexibility in Flows, Validation Rules, and Apex code. Introduced in Salesforce Summer'24 as a Developer preview feature, DEF allows real-time evaluation of formula expressions based on changing data within Salesforce, unlike static formulas.

  8. Creating Training Resources: Top 5 Salesforce Admin Tools
    The Salesforce Admin ensures end users utilize Salesforce effectively by keeping them informed about new functionalities. Communicating through Zoom calls or Slack messages is common, but how can this be done at scale? This post explores five tools to create and share content with users, whether within Salesforce or outside the platform.

  9. Transform Element and HTTP Callout for Random Test Data
    When creating apps, developers must thoroughly test them using mock test data to ensure they work properly. This helps identify and solve issues before the Salesforce solution is released. By testing with random data, developers can ensure the software can handle various scenarios. Learn how to randomize Salesforce Org data for testing using a free API. Once the flow solution is deployed, checkbox fields on contact records can be updated with random test data.

  10. Salesforce "Your Account" App: Browse, Manage, and Buy Licenses
    In today's business world, having instant access to information is crucial. With the "Your Account" app, users can easily manage their Salesforce contracts and licenses, purchase additional items, and access all necessary details. This self-service option saves time and ensures transparency in transactions.

  11. Create Dynamic Case Creation Forms with Attachments Using Flow Builder
    Dan Faulkner demonstrates how he built a screen flow for Causeway Technologies to streamline case submissions with tailored questions based on the product. The challenge was to gather correct data efficiently, which Email-to-Case and Web-to-Case couldn't achieve. Dan's solution was a scalable screen flow embedded in the Experience Cloud site, with mandatory fields for product selection, impact, and urgency, ensuring cases are routed to the correct team members based on customer input.

  12. How to Capture Email Activity in Salesforce: Which Email Sync Is Best?
    Sales reps spend 40% of their time on email, making it crucial for revenue teams. Customer conversations are often disjointed. Salesforce Admins can sync emails for a single view of engagement using Email to Salesforce or Einstein Activity Capture. Consider requirements like syncing email as tasks or objects, automating sync, and capturing conversations from the entire revenue team. Explore Salesforce's solutions and alternatives.

For devs

  1. Unleash your Salesforce power from anywhere with the ForceDev App
    The ForceDev App is a mobile toolkit for managing Salesforce organizations. It is a must-have for Salesforce Developers/Administrators, offering mobility and productivity. Download it now from Google Play Store or Apple Store to code, monitor, and optimize your Salesforce org on the go.

  2. pozil/streaming-monitor
    This Lightning App allows to monitor streaming events: PushTopic events, generic events, standard and custom platform events, Change Data Capture events, and monitoring events.

  3. What Developers Need to Know About the Lightning UI Enhancements in the Summer '24 Release
    The Lightning UI changes relate to the visual style only and do not affect the platform, product features, or functionality.

  4. Get Started with the Logger API for Custom LWCs
    Developers can now seamlessly gain insights into the performance, usage, and security aspects of their applications with the Logger API.

For architects

  1. CI/CD checklist for Salesforce Architects | Salto
    Salesforce architects should be involved in the release strategy of a Salesforce org, and this includes having some oversight on how changes will flow from one environment to another and what version control model will be used. Most of this translates to configuring what is known as a CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) pipeline. Before we get into the specifics, let's cover some terminology.

  2. Salesforce Flow Analyzer
    The declarative nature of Flow allows organizations to automate processes without code. However, users may struggle with complexities. Salesforce Flow Analyzer helps identify and fix bottlenecks and inefficiencies, improving productivity in the Salesforce ecosystem.

  3. Data Cloud Activations: Practical Tips and Tricks
    When creating and activating segments on the unified data in Salesforce Data Cloud, users may encounter challenges such as subscriber key selection criteria and segment refresh considerations. This article provides an overview of Data Cloud activations, including limitations and workarounds, with a special focus on integrating Data Cloud activations into Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

  4. Release Notes for ISVs in Summer '24
    If you are a Salesforce ISV partner, this blog brings you the features that are most important to you in the Summer '24 release.

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