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This time nothing about Winter'23 release, but a separate section for Dreamforce'23 :)
Fortunately also 11 non-Dreamforce links :)

For everyone

  1. 10 Ways to Use Salesforce Inspector
    Salesforce Inspector is a free Chrome extension that enables users to easily inspect Salesforce metadata and data. This post explores how it can help you navigate even the most complex Salesforce instances to find the right information, and even make changes or troubleshoot in no time.

  2. Find the last day of the month from a given date using Formula field or Apex in Salesforce
    Find the last day of the month from a given date using Apex in Salesforce. Same is possible to achieve from Salesforce formula and this you can use it in your formula field creation, formula from your Salesforce flow

  3. Using Screen Flow to Create a Public Survey
    Customer service is the support that you provide to your customers. There is a standard feature for sending surveys. On the other hand, there are many third party solutions to send surveys. It is possible to build a screen flow with some questions and use it as a customer satisfaction survey. Salesforce users can use flows, but how can you make a flow public so that your customers can use it as well? Let's see how to build a simple screen flow to be used as a customer satisfaction survey.

  4. 3 Ways to Create Dummy Data in Salesforce
    Have you ever created a new Developer org, or spun up a new Sandbox, only to realize that you're going to need a lot of data to test out some functionality? This is not only frustrating, but a waste of time in the grand scheme of things. (Also, why is it so hard to think of random names when you are forced to?!) Here's the solution.

For devs

  1. Understanding Recursion in Apex
    A recursive method is a method that calls itself. Any time a method is called, it goes on the top of "call stack". Methods are executed from the top of the call stack to the bottom. In the case of Apex we have a limit to our stack depth of 1000 - if you have a recursive method, it can never call itself more than 1000 times. This is to prevent an endless loop and ensuring the fair use of resources. What's the Alternative to recursion?

  2. A Flow Action That Gets the URL
    There are numerous scenarios in which you might need to obtain the current URL for various purposes. For example, you may wish to extract parameters from it, pass record id to a flow in the utility bar, or perform an analysis. However, there is no standard way to get the URL. This post shows how to use LWC that gets the URL. You can call it as a local action from screen flows in order to obtain the URL.

  3. Field Utils Helper Class
    Here's a wonderful utility class having methods to get information about fields and objects, including schema information by Kevin Antonioli posted on Playground App. This one as this has probably more methods and documented.

  4. Salesforce Apex Script Loader
    The problem is a daily task in the production org involving finding and updating cases with a specific status to trigger a process. The solution is to create an execute anonymous script to automate this task. However, the author seeks a more automated and efficient solution than manually running the script in the dev console daily.

  5. Salesforce Activities: Tips & Best Practices
    Salesforce Activities are a valuable feature for tracking interactions with prospects and customers. This guide covers best practices, including differentiating between tasks and events and leveraging quick actions. Optimize your Salesforce experience and improve reporting accuracy with these tips.

  6. Salesforce Fact #762 | Navigate to next screen on checkbox select
    Suppose we have a scenario in screen flow where the user can navigate to the next screen only if a checkbox is checked like the terms and conditions checkbox. The next button would be disabled and once the user selects the checkbox, it will get enabled. We can implement the same using an LWC.

For architects

  1. Better quality, more secure code, delivered faster? Yes, that?s the promise ? By AutoRabit Team
    In this session, author presents the growing importance of DevOps in Salesforce Implementation. See what DevOps is and explore the advantages it brings. Get an overview of GitHub Actions, a powerful tool in the DevOps space and sive into a small Salesforce DevOps Implementation flow using GitHub Actions. Finally, uncover the benefits and considerations of this approach to give your Salesforce projects the competitive edge they need.

All about Dreamforce

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