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Here's the latest batch of articles on Salesforce-related topics for today.

For everyone

  1. 5 Reasons Why You Need a Salesforce Data Dictionary
    The challenges of overseeing data include fear of inaccuracies, data silos, compliance failures, and financial headaches. A data dictionary is essential for smoother workflows, faster delivery times, sales process streamlining, and minimizing system downtime. A Salesforce data dictionary ensures unified data classification, quality maintenance, compliance adherence, and improved reporting.

  2. Mental Wellbeing Among Salesforce Professionals: The Findings
    A survey about mental health was launched by the author, in conjunction with a talk at London's Calling. The survey revealed insights on best practices and how to improve, especially for the 36% who feel consulting has impacted their mental wellbeing. The author, a Salesforce Consultant, has found that skills from consulting are helpful in managing mental health. Sharing tips and experiences can support each other in facing challenges.

  3. Using Flow for Page View Tracking
    Invisible Screen Flow is a hidden type of flow on a page that collects information without being visible to the user. It can be used for actions based on page views, such as tracking. Build one for page view tracking.

  4. How to Structure Your Record-Triggered Flow Strategy
    A record-triggered flow in Salesforce automates actions based on record events, saving time and reducing errors. Having a Salesforce Flow Design Strategy is crucial for easy maintenance and troubleshooting. Best practices include creating a single Trigger or Process per object.

  5. How to Roll Back Records in Screen Flow
    Salesforce introduced a brand new element called Roll Back Records. Roll Back Records data element is available only in screen flows. You can use it to roll back a transaction and cancel all its pending record changes.

  6. Salesforce: Bulkify Your Flow in 3 Simple Steps
    "Bulkify" comes from Salesforce's coding language, Apex. It means designing the flow to handle records in bulk to avoid hitting governor limits. These limits include 100 SOQL queries and 150 DML statements per transaction. Exceeding these limits results in errors. A chart shows which flow elements use SOQL queries and DML statements.

  7. Proactive Salesforce Monitoring: Periodically Checking if Salesforce is Down with the Salesforce Trust API
    How can you leverage Salesforce Trust API to proactively monitor your instance for real-time downtime and maintenance notifications?

  8. Enabling Marketing Cloud Growth: First Impressions
    Salesforce has launched Marketing Cloud Growth, a new product that integrates marketing capabilities onto their core platform. Currently available only in the Americas, it is in its early stages with limited functionality. More features are expected in future releases. A demo org has been used to explore the setup process, providing initial insights into the enablement process.

  9. Quickly Create Fake Salesforce Data with ChatGPT
    Salesforce Admins can easily generate high quality fake data using ChatGPT.

  10. Four Tips for Leveraging Custom Errors in Flows
    In Salesforce flows, custom error elements provide specific and meaningful feedback to users encountering issues. These messages improve user experience by guiding users on how to resolve errors efficiently. This feature in the flow builder requires careful management to mitigate UI risks.

  11. 5 Account Engagement (Pardot) Feature Ideas to Vote for in 2024
    The IdeaExchange is a platform where users can submit and rank ideas for Salesforce product enhancements. Over 98k ideas have been submitted since 2007, with 5.4k ideas delivered by Salesforce's development teams. The Account Engagement category in Pardot is full of ideas waiting for upvotes. Popular features like conditional completion actions and one-hour wait times have come from the platform. Check out the top five open ideas requested by users.

  12. Jen's Top Summer ?24 Release Features | Be Release Ready
    During summertime in the US, one can enjoy the beach, sand, music, and a lobster roll while watching Mochi swim. It's also release time at Salesforce. Check out the Summer '24 features in your sandbox or pre-release org. Refer to the Maintenance Calendar for release dates in your Salesforce instance. All enhancements apply to Lightning Experience.

  13. Flow Enhancements | Summer '24 Be Release Ready
    Summer '24 is approaching, with new Flow Builder enhancements like the Automation App and Action Button (beta). Check out Be Release Ready for resources to prepare. Watch demos of these features on "Automate This!" on May 30 with Salesforce product manager Sam Reynard.

  14. The Future of Salesforce Flow - What Will Flow Look Like in 2034?
    Those who love using Salesforce Flow to empower teams often speculate about future updates. They discuss potential new features, benefits, and evolving roles. The author shares thoughts on the deep future of Salesforce, anticipating changes in technology and roles. Looking back at the past progress, they envision a vastly different landscape for Salesforce professionals in the years to come.

For devs

  1. Salesforce Fact #780 | lightning map of selected record in screen flow datatable
    We use mapMarkers in LWC to show the map for an address. We can render the address map for the address of a selected record in screen flow datatable using a LWC. In this example, we are rendering the map for the shipping address of the selected account record considering the ShippingLatitude and ShippingLongitude values.

  2. How to track Successful and Failure Salesforce Platform Events?
    EventBus.EventPublishSuccessCallback and EventBus.EventPublishFailureCallback interfaces can be used in an Apex Class to track Successful and Failure Salesforce Platform Events.

  3. How To Create A Custom Dashboard In LWC Using JavaScript Libraries
    Developers use Lightning Web Components (LWC) and JavaScript libraries to create custom dashboards for intuitive data visualization. These dashboards enable users to interact with data, gain insights, and make informed decisions. Learn how to build a custom dashboard in LWC with JavaScript libraries in this blog.

For architects

  1. Introducing the Salesforce Offline App Onboarding Wizard
    The Salesforce Mobile Offline App is now GA, and allows you to update your Salesforce records, even with low or no network connectivity.

  2. Salesforce Integration Patterns - Making Integrations Easier
    At some point, every Salesforce Developer may need to integrate an external system. If an AppExchange solution doesn't fit, building a custom integration using Apex is necessary. Requirements evolve, so a flexible integration is key to avoid tech debt and frustration.

  3. Salesforce Life Sciences Cloud Is Coming: What Does This Mean for Veeva?
    Veeva, a top life sciences CRM provider, severed ties with Salesforce last year to move their services to their own technology. This leaves Salesforce with a gap in the pharma market, prompting them to introduce the Life Sciences Cloud in 2024. Backed by IQVIA, this new offering has the potential to make significant advancements in the industry.

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